On July 23, 2020 at around 4:30 AM, transgender women G. and V. were attacked by three other
transgender women in an area called ''Closed Market'' in Yerevan. Transgender G. called the police, after
which the arrived police officers showed discriminatory and rude treatment towards G. and V..
After the arrival of the police, frightened transgender women V. and G. did not want to go to the police
station, in response to which the police said that if they did not go with them and file a complaint, they
would be administratively arrested on suspicion of prostitution. Despite the urgings of transgender
women, the police brutally handcuffed on transgender women G. and V. hands and subjected them to
administrative arrests by weakening the handcuffs at their request, as they were too rough and damaged
their hands.
After the lawyer arrived at the central police station in Yerevan and provided advice to the transgender
women, transgender G. filed a report alleging that he had been beaten, as well as he complained about the
police actions. At the same time, the Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO will pursue to investigate
the bad attitude of the police officers.
We would like to inform you that the Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO has resumed its hotline
service by providing free legal advice and representation in police stations, ministries and courts.
The Legal Hotline Service is open 24/7. To contact, please call +37493500339.

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