General information



General Information

“Right Side” is the first and leading trans and sex workers community-based rights defender non-governmental organization for the protection of transgender people and sex workers in the region. The “Right Side” NGO was registered by the State Register of Legal Entities Agency of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia as a human rights defender NGO on January 25, 2016. It carries out its activities based on its bylaws, in the whole territory of the Republic of Armenia, outside the territory of the Republic of Armenia, according to the local legislation of that country. The organization has established cooperative relations with diplomatic missions, UN agencies, CoE, other intergovernmental, non-governmental, international, local organizations and networks.



Create lasting solutions to promote the quality of dignified lives of transgender people and sex workers to prevent violations of human rights and to overcome difficulties.




A harmonious society promoting inclusion of trans people and sex workers in Armenia.


A sustainable and experienced organisation overcoming challenges professionally.



  1. Anthropocentrism: the human being is the highest value.

To us, human beings are the most important entities in the Universe. Our daily work, efforts, ideas, programs, events, and actions based on the needs and rights of human beings.

  1. Reliability: manifested with achievements.

Being a trustworthy organisation for our partners and constituencies is a key condition for us to progress. Our achievements are the result of reliable and sustainable cooperation with our supporters and partners.

  1. Creativity: innovation integrated with rights.

We recognize the significant role of information technology in human life and create opportunities to learn and introduce digital services, and regularly update our technological resources.

  1. Accountability: willingness to accept responsibility.

Transparency is our working core principle. We are responsible for all the resources entrusted to us by our community, members, and partners. We always improve our methods of reporting.

  1. Excellence: service beyond self.

As a service provider organisation, we monitor the quality of our services and update our service policies on a regular basis. The quality of our services and beneficiary satisfaction is very valuable for us.


Strategic Directions

  1. Protecting community health and safety.
  2. Human rights protection and legal reforms.
  3. Changing public opinion and breaking norms.



The General Assembly of the Right Side NGO is the main decision-making body and the political meeting spaces of trans community members and has the following authorities:

  • Including new members and suspending memberships
  • Electing the Board, Financial Control Committee, and the President
  • Defining the organization’s strategic directions
  • Approving annual financial and narrative reports, etc.

The Board is composed of five activists, including 2 trans women, 2 trans men, and one non-binary woman who govern the organization. In addition, 3 of the Board members are sex workers.

The President (currently is a trans woman) based on the statutes manages the organization’s projects and the secretariat.

The Financial Control Committee is composed of three members who supervise the NGO’s annual financial budgets, cash flows, bank accounts, financial transactions, contracts, and registered material values.

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