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General Information

Right Side is a community based, democratic, human rights defender NGO, founded in January 2016 by trans activists in Armenia. It is the first and only NGO run by and for trans people and sex workers in Armenia and in the South Caucasus. 



To ensure the well-being, protection and equality of the trans community and sex workers in Armenia by achieving social-cultural and legal changes through cooperation with state bodies, civil society and with international organizations.


External Vision

An inclusive society which respects gender diversity, where trans people and sex workers are equal and live healthy lives, in a safe environment, and equally participate in all aspects of life without any discrimination.


Internal Vision

A visible, sustainable, reliable and respected organization which professionally addresses and solves the problems of sex workers and trans community members in Armenia.



  • Acceptance of diversity
  • Transparency and democracy
  • Respect for and recognition of human rights
  • Solidarity with other groups
  • A professional work approach


3 Strategic Directions

  • Human rights lobby and advocacy
  • Community mobilization, safety, health and well-being
  • Public awareness raising and social-cultural changes


The General Assembly of the Right Side NGO is the main decision-making body and the political meeting spaces of trans community members and has the following authorities:

  • Including new members and suspending memberships
  • Electing the Board, Financial Control Committee and the President
  • Defining the organization’s strategic directions
  • Approving annual financial and narrative reports, etc.

The Board is composed of five activists, including 2 trans women, 2 trans men, and one non-binary woman who govern the organization. In addition, 3 of the Board members are sex workers.

The President (currently is a trans woman) based on the statutes manages the organization’s projects and the secretariat.

The Financial Control Committee is composed of three members who supervise the NGO’s annual financial budgets, cash flows, bank accounts, financial transactions, contracts and registered material values.

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