Implemented Projects


Improving access for trans community members to healthcare and legal services in Armenia – The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria trough ECOM Months

The project was designed to assess the needs of trans and especially trans sex workers in public areas (such as health and legal protection), develop a national advocacy and strategic plan for enabling trans inclusive legal environment for trans people to address their needs correctly and tackle discrimination, crime and phobia against them.


Advancing gender equality and human rights protection for transgender people in Armenia – European Endowment for Democracy 

The grant supported Right Side NGO to advance equality for transgender people in Armenia by promoting and establishing income-generating activities in parallel to raising awareness on human rights among the community. As a result, at least 50 trans people were empowered in knowing their rights and protection mechanisms; bridges were built with selected potential employers and with 15 representatives of the media and authorities; broader society started to have some understanding of trans people and the issues they faced.


Security Planning and Policy Development – Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights

The aim of the project was to organize a security workshop for transgender people, develop guidelines on the safety and security of the community and provide legal assistance to our beneficiaries.


Emergency grant for Human Rights Defenders at risk – Frontline Defenders

The project aimed to improve the security system in the community center and add additional security measures there.


Our Love is real, photo exhibition about trans rights – Heinrich Böll Foundation through Society without Violence NGO 

The project tried to convey that transgender, homosexual, androgynous and other non-binary people were not somewhere far away, but nearby, next to us, in our surroundings. The community became the main heroes of the photos in the background of the picturesque regions of Armenia: the Matenadaran, Republic Square, Complex after Karen Demirchyan, Opera House, the pagan temple of Garni, Grigor Lusavorich Church, Zvartnots temple, Cascad, etc. The aim of the project was to show the public that, despite the sexual orientation and gender identity of a person, everyone is equal and everyone can love no matter what.


Hate crimes and other hate motivated incidents against transgender people in Armenia /Research/ – ILGA Europe

The project was aimed at enhancing transgender people’ human rights protection in Armenia through fact-finding and evidence-based advocacy. This project collected the first ever data exclusively focused on hate crimes, violence and discrimination faced by the transgender community in Armenia by creating a comprehensive and consistent data collection mechanism on hate crime cases and incidents in the Armenian language.


Security System for Right Side – Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights 

This project provided technical support to the NGO to improve the security of the community center through establishing monitoring cameras there. 


Safe Home – Planet Rome Foundation

The project ensured the first safe space for trans and LGB+ community members. The project provided relief from the daily prejudices, threats, harassment, attacks and discrimination the trans community faces. The project offered psychological and legal counseling, as well assistance from social workers. Also, informal educational training sessions were organized covering a wide range of topics, including sexuality and safe sex. Various clubs offered courses, such as English language courses for beginners, physical and mental health, and career and entrepreneurship development.

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