December 17th marks the day of violence against sex workers. “Right Side” human rights defender NGO, being a trans community based organization, stands in solidarity with all sex workers, to inform an fight against violence against sex workers.

In the framework of the day We organized a public event, to raise visibility of trans sex workers. The community members who participated in the sewing courses organized by “Right Side” human rights defender NGO , made bags painted red umbrellas and messages to end violence against trans sex workers.

The red umbrella is recognized as the symbol of trans sex workers rights.
From the beginning of it’s establishment   “Right Side” human rights defender NGO   , tries to raise and solve the problems of sex workers especially trans sex workers and we proud that sex workers are not only beneficiaries on our NGO, but also volunteers, paid employees, but also half of the board is represented by sex workers
Stop the violence against sex workers.


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