Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022 and due to the new persecution of LGBTIQ persons by the Russian government, there have been large-scale migration flows of citizens of those countries to the Republic of Armenia, who have found themselves in a difficult situation as a result of the conflict and persecution. Representatives of vulnerable communities who face social exclusion and limited access to vital resources are particularly affected by crises, as evidenced by the applications of hundreds of Trans and LGBIQ immigrants to the Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO who have been included in the NGO’s list of beneficiaries over the past years. Recognizing the challenges faced by Trans and LGBIQ immigrants, the Right Side NGO, with the financial support of OutRight International, initiates a new program to provide social support to LGBTIQ persons from Russia and Ukraine living in Armenia.

According to the statistical data of the RA Migration Committee, a total of 8,562 Russian and 385 Ukrainian citizens received residence status in the Republic of Armenia in 2022, of which 19 Russian and 484 Ukrainian citizens also requested asylum. In 2023, migration flows continue and it is expected that a new influx of Trans and LGBIQ immigrants will soon be registered due to the adoption of a new bill by the State Duma of the Russian Federation on July 14 of this year, which exclusively prohibits any “medical intervention aimed at changing the sex of a person” and also invalidates the legal recognition of gender in official documents for trans people.

Who can apply?

LGBTIQ persons from Russia or Ukraine who currently live in the Republic of Armenia can apply for the social support program. The Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO will form a special committee responsible for the thorough examination of each application and assessment of needs. After examination of the applications by the members of the commission, the persons applying for support will receive an answer within ten days. To apply, please fill out the following application form.

The Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO has always stood by the side of marginalized groups and has been at the forefront of protecting and supporting the rights of the LGBTIQ community. Through such programs, we aim to create an environment of solidarity and create an equal and inclusive society where the rights and dignity of each individual will be protected and respected.

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Jul 24, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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