“Action for Change” training held for LGBTIQ Youth

The Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO with the financial support of the European Youth Fund, conducted a training with the theme of “Action for Change” for 20 Trans LGBIQ people coming from Armenian regions from September 14 to 19, 2022.

The training was aimed at increasing the level of social engagement and civic participation of LGBTIQ youth by raising their awareness on human rights, developing their communication and advocacy skills and promoting equality, as well as reducing discrimination against LGBTIQ people by increasing their visibility and good authority in the society.

The 20 selected Trans LGBIQ people acquired new knowledge about social inclusion, social rights, advocacy mechanisms, communication and leadership skills during the five-day outgoing training.

Lilit Martirosyan, the President of the organization, launched the training and presented the purpose, planned activities and further stps of the project. Lilit spoke about the European Youth Foundation and Council of Europe, presented the programs implemented in the field of human rights protection during our cooperation. The participants asked their questions and received exhaustive answers.

On the first day, the trainer conducted a training on “Social Rights and Leadership”, during which she talked about advocacy for rights protection, its effective implementation and methods of organizing campaigns. The trainer presented how to involve community initiatives, human rights defenders, stakeholders and supporters in advocacy processes for the protection of social rights of LGBTIQ people.

The second day of the training was dedicated to the issues of LGBTIQ people, the Armenian context of human rights, communication skills and civic engagement. Within the framework of the topic, the participants talked about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, discussed how to be an active and responsible citizen and contribute to the spread of equal rights. The discussions were accompanied by role-playing games and exchange of experience.

On the third day of the training, all the participants were informed about effective communication, discrimination, its indirect and direct manifestations, mechanisms to be protected from discrimination, the need for anti-discrimination legislation, and then, highlighting cases of discrimination in their lives, through role-playing games, they tried to approach discrimination cases more critically and find solutions through strategic communication.

On the fourth and fifth days of the meeting, the participants gained knowledge for the promotion of social inclusion of LGBTIQ people living in the RA regions, learned about the fact finding mechanisms and effective usage of researches, came up with their project proposals and developed their next steps to implement advocacy campaigns under the guidance of the trainers. The projects included activities aimed at promoting access to education, health care, and services.

At the end of the training, Lilit Martirosyan, the president of the NGO expressed her gratitude to the young LGBTIQ people, then handed over the certificates and encouraged their participation in the processes of protecting rights and creating a prosperous future for the community.

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October 02, 2022 Armenia, Yerevan

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