It is an honor for the “Right Side” Human Rights Defender NGO to let you know that Lilit Martirosyan, the Founder and President of the NGO has been nominated for the “Human Rights Tulip 2020.” “Human Rights Tulip” is an annual award of the Dutch government to individuals or organizations that promote human rights worldwide in peaceful and innovative ways.

We are excited to announce that after two nomination periods in March and June, 2020, the total number of nominations came to 100: 47 individuals (26 female and 21 male) and 53 organizations from around the world. Moreover, after several rounds of consultations, an independent jury of human rights experts selected the best 13 out of 100 nominees, then the best 3. We are proud to say that Lilit Martirosyan is one of the top 3 candidates.

The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs will select the winner from this shortlist on the 10th of December, on the international day of human rights.

This is a great honor for us, as the president of the NGO Lilit Martirosyan has bravely taken a responsibility for speaking about the rights of transgender people. She has repeatedly spoken about a democratic Armenia where diversity and pluralism, human rights and equality will be respected. Starting the struggle for the welfare and well-being of trans people in Armenia, Lilit Martirosyan has repeatedly spoken about their rights, equality and well-being. She is the best example of a person who fights for the equality of Transgender people and against the violations of their rights. This is one of Lilit’s best achievements in protecting human rights in Armenia and it is a new step towards the equality.

As Lilit mentions: “I know why I was born, I know why I’m here and why my way is so thorny. My main goal is to be an inspiration to transgender people and alleviate the pain of my community. I would never be able to fight for the equality of Transgender people without courage, compassion and without any hope. We all have a mission in this world and my mission is to help people, to achieve a dignified and prosperous life for Transgender people, to support Transgender people to fight against the violence towards them.”

This is a great honor for the whole team of the “Right Side” Human Rights Defender NGO and for Transgender people as the issue of the Transgender people’s human rights and Lilit Martirosyan’s struggle for the equality in Armenia is again raised on the international arena. We really hope than in the future we will have a strong Trans Community which will be able to speak freely without obstacles about the rights and well-being of Transgender, LGBIQ+ people and sex workers’ community.

Nov 9, 2020 Armenia Yerevan


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