The Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO announces a competition for the vacant position of Community Officer.

Working hours: Monday-Friday, 12:00-19:00

Duration: 1-year contract with possibility of renewal (probation period: 1 month)

Place of work: Yerevan (center), Republic of Armenia


  1. organize meetings, discussions, and seminars for Trans and LGBIQ people, both online and in the office space,
  2. maintain constant contact between the organization and community representatives,
  3. prepare monthly and annual reports,
  4. participate in weekly work meetings, seminars,
  5. carry out office telephone operations, answer letters,
  6. determine the purpose of the visit of the beneficiaries who visited the office, provide them with the necessary information, register the visitors in the register,
  7. register the suggestions and complaints of the beneficiaries and submit them to the relevant departments,
  8. to participate in the identification and analysis of problems of strategic and organizational significance of the organization, and in the work of providing their solutions,
  9. monitor the condition of office equipment and property and ensure uninterrupted work,
  10. to organize the work related to economic and administrative purchases of the office,
  11. comply with the established requirements of the organization’s charter and internal disciplinary rules,
  12. perform other assignments given by the president of the organization.


  1. Knowledge of MC Office,
  2. High level of interpersonal relations, telephone management, and office etiquette skills,
  3. Necessary knowledge of legal acts related to one’s powers, as well as the ability to reason, orient oneself in different situations,
  4. Work planning skills,
  5. Ability to complete assigned tasks/goals with proper quality and within set deadlines.

Persons meeting the above requirements can send their CV and motivation letter in Armenian or English to rightsidengo@gmail email address until August 15, with “Community Officer” in the subject line of the letter.

Jul 25, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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