‘’ Right Side ‘’ Human Rights Defender NGO announces a vacant position of lawyer/attorney.

Working hours – from Monday to Friday starting from 12:00 to 18:00
Duration of the working time: contractual
Place of employment – Republic of Armenia, c. Yerevan

Right Side is a community based, democratic, human rights defender NGO, founded in January 2016 by trans activists in Armenia. It is the first and only NGO, run by and for trans people in Armenia and in the South Caucasus region. Right Side works on national level and in Nagorno Karabakh Republic, which is conflicted area between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Join us to use your expertise and strong inter-personal skills to help make Armenia a better place for people with different gender identities and expressions and improve human rights situation in Armenia.
Are you passionate about making a real difference to the lives of transgender people and achieving gender equality? Would you like to work in a growing NGO team? Are you ready to be part of a new and exciting challenge? If you have just answered yes, then we could have the perfect opportunity, to allow you to take the next step in your career!

Job Description:

– Make legal researches and studies , prepare reports and analyzes on gender equality issues
– prepare the necessary documents / employment contracts for NGO, etc.,
– documenting beneficiaries’ rights violations;
– Prepare a national report on beneficiaries’ legal violations;
– Grant beneficiaries’ legal advice and carry out legal documentation processing;
– Develop training modules for human rights, discrimination and torture prevention, freedom of speech and other topics,
– Hold courses on human rights, discrimination and torture prevention, freedom of speech and other topics,
– Represent the interests of beneficiaries and NGO on behalf of a non-governmental organization, if needed, in state and non-state bodies;
– Carry out studies, prepare legal reports and legal analyzes,
– To address legislative initiatives on demand,
– Preparation of working reports.
– Perform other activities that will be based on the essence of the employment contract.

Necessary features:

– Higher legal education,
– At least 3 years of work experience,
– Capacity to communicate with LGBT people;
– Knowledge of international law,
– Experience in research,
– Knowledge of legal terminology in English, as well as an attempt to prepare legal contracts (or bilingual agreements)
– Excellent knowledge of Armenian, English, Russian language skills is desirable,
– Responsibility and discipline, punctuality, communication skills,
– Exclusion of stigmas
– Teamwork and time planning capability;
– Experience of making reports
– Work experience with civil society and attorney qualification is a must
– Knowledge of computer skills.

Those who wish to send their CV’s to rightsidengo@gmail.com pointing to the “Lawyer” in the target field.

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