Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO invites you to participate in the “Storytelling for LGBTQI+ Equality” training, which will be implemented with the financial support of the European Youth Foundation. The goal of the program is to provide necessary knowledge and storytelling skills on human rights and fundamental freedoms to the participants, who will apply the knowledge gained in the next phase of the program to create stories on LGBTIQ+ equality.

The three-day training will take place on January 20-23, 2024, with the participation of 12 members of the LGBTQ+ community. The learning process is designed to meet the needs of the participants involved, focusing on making them more creative and active in society. The program is structured so that, in addition to gaining theoretical knowledge, participants have the opportunity to apply it in practice, which will promote the continuity of the program’s impact.

Within the framework of the “Storytelling for LGBTIQ+ Equality” training, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Promoting human rights through storytelling
  • Art and activism
  • What is Storytelling?
  • How to present personal stories?
  • How can perceptions be changed through storytelling?
  • Using images in storytelling

Who can participate?

“Storytelling for LGBTIQ+ Equality” training is open to Trans LGBIQ people, sex workers, supporters, and activists from all 11 regions of Armenia, who are aged above 18. True to the project’s aspiration for diversity, participants with different sexual orientations, gender identities, and life experiences will be selected.
To apply, please fill out the attached application.

The three-day training will be followed by the second phase of the program, which will consist of a 3-month long storytelling workshop component, which will provide creative tools to 12 participants for developing intriguing stories that humanize the LGBTQI+ experience in Armenia. The workshops will be facilitated by a young artist from the community with experience in creative writing, creating comics, and visual art, and supporting young people in finding their unique voice in expressing their ideas. 

Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO emphasizes the capacity building of young LGBTIQ activists and will continue to implement educational programs to contribute to the strengthening of the Trans LGBTIQ movement in Armenia.

December 20, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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