Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO is pleased to announce that a Trans and LGBIQ Solidarity Virtual Forum will take place on July 3rd with the financial support of ILGA Europe. This event aims to bring together representatives of the Trans and LGBIQ community in Armenia and Trans activists from the Western and Central Asian regions to exchange experiences and knowledge in order to strengthen solidarity among Trans and LGBIQ people.

Who can participate:

Trans and LGBIQ people, representatives of organizations operating in the field, sex workers, activists and people interested in the topic from all regions of RA and other countries in the region can participate in the Trans and LGBIQ Solidarity Virtual Forum. The working language of the forum is English, accompanied by Armenian interpretation. To participate, please fill out the attached form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JSTTQP6 

Speakers at the Trans and LGBIQ Solidarity Forum are trans activists from the Middle East and Central Asia, who will share their experience of defending Trans and LGBIQ rights, presenting the unique features of their country’s Trans and LGBIQ rights situation.The event will also include an interactive question and answer session, which will allow participants to directly engage in conversation with the speakers and get answers to their questions. 

Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO hopes that, by getting to know the perspectives and journeys of each trans activist, the participants will improve their understanding of Trans and LGBIQ activism in different regions, and that the forum will serve as a platform for networking, sharing experiences, and being inspired by each other’s activism. We believe that by coming together and learning from each other, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all LGBTQI people.

July 3

16:00 / Beirut 

17:00 / Yerevan 

19:00 / Almaty

Jun 19, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan


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