Press release on the illegal entry of the member of Yerevan Council Naira Nahapetyan into the office of “Right Side” NGO

Naira Nahapetyan, a member of Yerevan Council, against whom “Right Side” human rights NGO has been in court trials for a year, has written on her Facebook page about the violence she has committed against “Right Side” human rights defender NGO. At the comments of the post some people have made hate speech and insulting expressions against the “Right Side” human rights defender NGO staff, beneficiaries and LGBT people in general. Some of the comments are (translated from Armenian):
● “Tell us their address and we will attack their offices ”
● “They should be expelled from the country, they are virus for our children, we should get get rid of them” and other similar hate speech and insults.
Let us remind that in 2017, Naira Nahapetyan had illegally entered into the space of “Right Side” human rights defender NGO, threatening and demanding documents, at the same time interrupting the normal course of work of “Right Side” human rights NGO for about 1 hour 30 minutes. The NGO president was subjected to psychological pressure, while the husband of Naira Nahapetyan, at that moment, caused an average damage to the health of the member of NGO Council.
Let us remind you that the criminal case against Naira Nahapetyan’s husband was dismissed and the appeal was denied, however, Lilit Martirosyan, the head of “Right Side” human rights defender NGO, submitted a report on the crime to the Police Department of Yerevan demanding to initiate a criminal case against Naira Nahapetyan by the Article 322 of the RA Criminal Code. In addition, the “Right Side” human rights defender NGO has filed a civil suit against Naira Nahapetyan, demanding of the Court of First Instance Naira Nahapetyan’s apology for offend and dishonoring dignity.
Some of our employees, volunteers and beneficiaries have already received threats after the above mentioned entry. Such kind of records and comments distort the safety and security of the Transgender community and “Right Side” human rights defender NGO. Right Side” human rights defender NGO calls to refrain from such threats and records by respecting the dignity of transgender people and not to undermine the security of the transgender community, who have already been victims of pressures, violence, stigma and discrimination, as such threatening, offensive, and hate speeches make the tense situation more exacerbated.
08.08.2018 Yerevan

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