Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO, by emphasizing the mental and emotional health of Trans LGBIQ people, while at the same time striving to reduce stigma, discrimination against them and ensure peace in the family of the community members, provided psychological support to about 259 people during 2020-2021, out of which:

  • 42 people applied because of domestic violence.
  • 9 people applied because of regular violence by a partner.
  • 32 people applied for discussing gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • 4 applied for the elimination of bad habits.
  • 21 transsexual people applied because of a number of problems as a result of hormone therapy.
  • 23 sex workers applied because of regular violence, humiliation, stigma and discrimination by their clients.
  • Family members of 13 LGBTIQ people applied to settle family relationships, to resolve problems with their children and with other family members.
  • 7 employees and 5 board members of the organization applied to prevent professional burnout and to recover.
  • 15 people applied to resolve issues in interpersonal relationships, to overcome communication difficulties.
  • 11 people applied for career building, professional orientation.
  • 7 people applied for improving their self-esteem, overcoming distrust and inferiority complexes.
  • 42 people applied to overcome anxiety, fear, phobia.
  • 7 people applied for solving pre-marital problems.
  • 11 people applied for work stress management.
  • 15 people applied to overcome age crises.

Funding for the psychological support program is currently over, but we hope it will be ongoing, enabling our beneficiaries to improve their quality of life by making visible changes in their decisions and behavioral manifestations.

Sep 13, 2021 Armenia Yerevan

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