‘’ Right Side ‘’ Human Right Defender NGO organized a workshop with state officials and transgenders on one of the resorts outside of Yerevan.


From September 14 to 15, ‘’ Right Side ‘’ Human Right Defender NGO organized a workshop with state officials and transgenders on one of the resorts outside of Yerevan.
14 people were participating in this workshop.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the issues and needs of transgender people in the Republic of Armenia, particularly in medical and educational institutions, the police, etc. The meeting was held face to face with representatives from Ministry of Health, doctors, party representatives, and the police.
Topics such as legal issues, needs of transgender people, medical and legal aspects of hormonotherapy and sex, access to health services, reducing discrimination and violence were discussed.
The trans community has expressed its desire to participate in the settlement of such issues and readiness to engage.
The community members shared their personal stories about the fact that in the Republic of Armenia transgender people are more discriminated both in the legal and in the medical fields.
Sexologist Andranik Gharibyan, who was invited to attend the workshop, expressed his readiness to help the community to reduce the stigma and violence in medical institutions.
He also shared his experience.
Marine Asrian, who was from the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention, also expressed her support to the community.
The Community addressed their questions to Marine and it was decided that, in collaboration with the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention, ‘’ Right Side ‘’ NGO would train the community for free HIV testing.
Addressing a representative of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the community raised a question that transsexuals are subject to discrimination.
The participants of the workshop thanked ‘’ Right Side ‘’ Human Rights Defender NGO for the fact that this was the only face-to-face meeting with the trans community and government officials.
Community representatives decided that as soon as they arrive to Yerevan, they will go to different ministries to present their problems so that with their joint efforts problems will be solved. ՛՛ Right Side ‘’ Human Rights Defender NGO expresses its gratitude to the European Endowment for Democracy without their financial aid workshop would not take place.

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