The situation of women in Armenia remains difficult for a number of reasons: traditional perception of patriarchal family, gender-based discrimination in the employment sphere aggravating the poor economic situation of women, poverty, and unemployment, etc. The problem of discrimination in labor market is much more visible when it comes to women from minority groups, such as women with disabilities, trans women and women refugees. Number of state and non-state data shows that these communities are marginalized, does not have skills and self-confidence, which is the result of societal and cultural stereotypes. In fact refugee, trans women and women with disabilities face multiple discrimination, because of their sex and gender, physical abilities and legal status. 
And that’s why on 22 of October 2018 “Right Side” human rights defender NGO  as one side, on the other side “Equality of Opportunity” NGO and “For Fem/4 Fem” women’s human rights defender NGO as the third side signed a Consortium as an agreement of cooperation and partnership  to make a new project on awareness raising, solidarity formation and  protection of  refugee women, trans women and women with disabilities.The sides of the consortium will invest their professional knowledge and skills to unite 3 vulnerable groups to gain capacities on how to access labor market, and protect them from discrimination making public awareness raising campaigns to break the societal stereotypes about trans, refugee women and women with disabilities. 

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