“Right Side” human rights defender NGO organized the 2-nd Trans Camp.

On August 13-16, 2018 “Right Side” human rights defender NGO organized the 2-nd Trans Camp in Aghveran.
The official opening of the trans camp was done by the founder president of “Right Side” human rights defender NGO Lilit Martirosyan. The participants presented themselves and get acquainted to each other. The participants set the rules and their expectations for the 2-nd trans camp.
The international expert-trainers of gender issues were invited by “Right Side” human rights defender NGO. One of the international expert-trainer shared the wide content of “Sexuality & Gender” theme with the participants of the camp. The day was accompanied by the active discussions of the biological theories of human sexuality and gender. One of the participants says: “My expectations came true, though I was not expecting to gain new knowledge, but I did, it was one of the best sessions I was present at.”
The other participant expresses gratitude saying: ”Trans Camp is a great opportunity for every trans queer gender person in a country like this. It is not only amazing chance to learn something new, but also an event being held for 4 days where the old and the new generations gets to meet each other and learn about their history as well. As trans people it is very important for us to stay in touch with one another and not lose who we are. And thanks to “Right Side” NGO this has been the second annual trans camp which topped the last years and I hope, actually I am sure that the upcoming trans camps will be even better and more informative for everyone. Thanks for your help and amazing camp.”
Another participant expressed his admiration։ “It was very informative about sexuality and gender issues, as well as domestic violence topics. I learned a lot. Also, I give a great importance to the courage of sex workers who showed it in story telling about their lives “.
On the second day of the Trans Camp the president of “Right Side” human rights defender NGO presented the routine of the day with the emphasize on the themes of trans activism, HRT and sex work. Lilit Martirosyan and the board member of the NGO Carlos Avagyan talked about the legal procedures of HRT and sex work. The local sex-workers hold a panel talk on their lives, difficulties and success. One of the participants was the sister of one of the panelists, who shared her emotions on the difficulties in the family with accepting her trans sister and expressed her encouragement to her sister in any situation of her life. It touched all the participants, as it was the common point for anyone being there. At the end of the day participants made a community group hugs empowering each other and being there for each other.
On the third day of the 2-nd Trans Camp the program and policy officer of “Right Side” human rights defender NGO Ashot Gevorgyan presented to the participants the main human rights protection mechanisms, conventions and committees, the differences of Council of Europe and European Union, the function of OSCE. Afterwards the PR and communication expert of “Right Side” human rights defender NGO, human rights defender Mariam Kurshudyan talked with the participants of the camp about violence and domestic violence against trans people, their specifics and types and the ways of combating it. The day was concluded in the form of interactive discussion and moot court performance. The participants learned how to practice the knowledge on human rights mechanisms for their protection in the courts.
The last day of the second Trans Camp was full of interactive games and team discussions with the trainers. At the end of the day Lilit Martirosyan passed certificates to the participants of the trans camp. All the participants left the camp with a new knowledge, much more empowered with the empathy and the feeling of the powerful community.
Lilit Martirosyan mentions that the trans-camp will be of continued for years, as it supports community members to know each other, form self-help groups and have a stronger trans community in the whole Caucasian region.
The camp was organized by “Right Side” human rights defender NGO with the financial support of European Endowment for Democracy.
Aug 13, 2018 Armenia Yerevan

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