On 12th October, 2021, a meeting-discussion with 12 representatives of the sex workers community and a movie screening for them took place in the “Right Side” NGO’s safe and secure space.

At the beginning of the meeting the representatives of the sex workers community shared their problems, talking about violence cases, discrimination and other incidents that happened in their life. Then everyone present watched the film “The Beauty”, the main character of which Vivian was a representative of the sex workers community. The discriminatory attitude, bullying, and the acts of violence by the society against the community are showcased in the film in detail.

The series of these meetings is continuous and they are aimed at uniting the sex workers community, educating and developing their skills.

On October 15th, 2021, a meeting-discussion was held for the representatives and activists of the trans and LGBIQ community in the “Right Side” Human Rights Defender NGO’s safe and secure space.

The activists of the community talked about their activism, presented the work that they had done, and shared their personal experience. One of the activists mentioned that they had started engaging in activism thanks to the courses organized by the “Right Side” HRD NGO, and now they could present themselves as an activist and raise awareness about the issues of the trans LGBIQ community on different platforms.

The other activist talked about their activism, told how they had changed the attitude of their family towards them and the Sex workers community by reducing stigma and discrimination against them.

One of the activists told how he was breaking many stereotypes at the university where he was studying and added that being an activist, he should change the abysmal attitude towards the Trans LGBIQ people in educational places.

At the end of the meeting, the participants thanked the team of the “Right Side” HRD NGO for initiating events like that and recommended organizing various campaigns that would raise the visibility of the Trans LGBIQ and sex workers community not only in Yerevan, but also in the regions of the Republic of Armenia.

The “Right Side” Human Rights Defender NGO organized a meeting on the topic of “our fears” with ten representatives of the Trans LGBIQ and sex workers community in its safe and secure space on October 18th, 2021.

During the meeting the participants spoke about their fears trying to find solutions to them. One of the participants, who’s a representative of the Trans community of sex workers, told that a few months ago she had been attacked outside by a number of young men who had subjected her to violence, after that accident the participant was terrified to go outside to do sex work and it had been months that she was unable to get over the fear.

The “Right Side” HRD NGO offered its psychological services to the participants who needed it and assured that those kinds of meetings were going to be continuous to help Trans LGBIQ people and sex workers to find harmony and peace. 

The series of meetings were possible to implement with the financial support of the Red Umbrella Fund.

Nov 12, 2021 Armenia Yerevan


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