Transgender Europe has published the 2023 trans rights map and index. It is a comprehensive analysis of trans rights in Europe and Central Asia and has been collecting data on the legal and political processes applied to trans people for a decade.
Click here to see the Trans Rights Index & Map 2023.
The map covers six legal categories: gender recognition, asylum, hate speech and crime, non-discrimination, health, and family. It covers 49 European and 5 Central Asian countries and 30 areas of trans-specific legislation. The situation in Armenia, like in other countries of the region, continues to be full of challenges for the trans community. Out of 30 indicators, Armenia satisfies only one. it is the possibility to change the name in the passport, which was implemented as a result of mutual cooperation between the Agency for the Registration of Civil Residence Acts and the Right Side NGO. However, the legislative framework of Armenia still does not provide for legal gender recognition, additionally, no specific legislation protects trans people from discrimination, hate speech, or violence.

According to the indicators of the past 12 months, in general, the advancement of trans rights was registered in Europe and Central Asia. However, in some countries, there has been a decline and an increase in discrimination and violence against trans people, which makes the need for work to achieve changes in the legal framework urgent so that trans people can live free from violence and discrimination.

The cover image is taken from the Transgender Europe website. 

May 26, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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