Yesterday, on the 11th of June of this year, between 11:00 and 00:00 pm, two men attacked a trans woman in her apartment and severely beat her. The men threw the trans woman to the floor and hit her on various parts of her body, causing physical injuries and bruises. Then, threatening to use a knife, they stole the mobile phone of the trans woman and left.

The trans woman immediately contacted the police regarding the incident.

The legal team of the Right Side human rights defender NGO is involved in this case and will provide legal representation at all stages of the case. The trans woman will receive rapid response financial assistance for abused trans people, provided by the Right Side NGO, with the support of the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, so that she can quickly recover from the violence against her and ease the challenges she faces during this difficult phase.

The Right Side human rights defender NGO condemns gender-based violence and will pursue the entire disclosure of the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice. We would like to emphasize that in recent times there has been an increase in cases of physical violence against LGBTQ people, as evidenced by the cases of physical violence and hate speech documented during the last year. Unfortunately, today in the Republic of Armenia there is an atmosphere of impunity that perpetuates violence against Trans and LGBIQ persons due to incomplete legal regulations, the absence of a law criminalizing discrimination against Trans and LGBIQ persons, and imperfect legal practices, which has created a fertile ground for harassment and violence against Trans and LGBIQ persons. 

The Right Side human rights defender NGO consistently collects and documents cases of discrimination and violence against Trans and LGBIQ persons and urges the RA Police to conduct a proper investigation to identify the perpetrators and hold them accountable to the full extent of the law.

Once again, we are calling

  • RA police, prosecutor’s office, Human Rights Defender, and relevant bodies to ensure the safety of trans-LGBTQ persons, and all the rights granted to them by the RA constitution,
  • Diplomatic representatives, and international funders, who direct their resources and funds to the improvement of justice and establishing equality in RA, to take steps to prevent discrimination against community members and others.

Jun 12, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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