The Right Side human rights defender NGO, within the framework of Pride activities and programs, organized a course on “Advocacy and Activism for Social Inclusion” for Trans and LGBIQ youth. The training was funded by the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice and aimed to equip Trans and LGBIQ youth with advocacy skills so they can effectively advocate for their rights and effect lasting change in their communities. 25 Trans and LGBTQ youth from Yerevan and RA regions participated in the training.

During the course, the participants received comprehensive knowledge about the history of the LGBTIQ movement and current issues and problems  on the agenda. They talked about the principles of activism and campaigning on online platforms, as well as protection against stigma, discrimination, and calls for violence targeting LGBTIQ people online. In recent years, along with the development of social networks, online gender-based violence has also gained momentum, and there are still no adequate regulations to protect victims of such violence, leaving the responsibility of creating a safe online environment on the shoulders of each individual.

The other part of the course was dedicated to the promotion of social inclusion of Trans and LGBIQ people and the development of skills to face challenges through mutual aid. A relaxed environment was created where each participant was able to express their opinions and participate in discussions, group work, and various practical activities, which were entirely aimed at building advocacy skills, overcoming intra-personal and social conflicts, online and offline activism, etc. Participants learned how to properly work with individuals who do not yet have adequate knowledge about gender identity and sexual orientation and developed activism strategies to support the Trans and LGBIQ movement.

The Right Side human rights defender NGO will continue to regularly organize various trainings for the purpose of empowering Trans and LGBIQ people and equipping them with all the skills necessary to fight gender-based violence, conduct online and offline activism against hate speech in social networks, hate crimes and discrimination to protect themselves, prevent human rights violations, face challenges and promote social inclusion.

Jun 16, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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