On March 26 of this year, the user registered under the name “Khachik Irina Grigoryanner” uttered blasphemous expressions and calls for violence against trans people during a live broadcast on the TikTok social platform. Particulary, the person in question offered to exchange phone numbers, form groups, and enter the apartments of several trans people a day and abuse/kill them, calling these actions “cleaning”. In the comments of the video, a number of people also made threats of violence and provided their phone numbers.

On the same day, more than 10 trans people, feeling threatened by these calls, submitted an application to the Central Police of RA. The police are preparing materials for the case.

Hate calls and incidents of violence against transgender people continue to go unaddressed by the law enforcement system, which has already led to an atmosphere of impunity: just 10 days ago, a new case of beating trans people was registered

Once again, we are calling

  • RA police, prosecutor’s office, Human Rights Defender, and relevant bodies to ensure the safety of trans-LGBTQ persons, and all the rights granted to them by the RA constitution,
  • Diplomatic representatives, and international funders, who direct their resources and funds to the improvement of justice and establishing equality in RA, to take steps to prevent discrimination against community members and others.

March 28, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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