Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO, in collaboration with the Sex Workers Rights Advocacy Network in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (SWAN), has implemented the third and fourth webinars on “Community perspectives and responses to criminalization, violence, discrimination, and repression against sex workers in the region.”

Webinar topics are updated and adapted for the Armenian transgender sex workers’ context at most.

The trainers of the first webinar were Chartiy Organization Legalife-Ukraine’s Director Isaieva Nataliia and Head of the Board Fiskova Elena who have skillfully passed their knowledge and experience on “documenting violence and using the collected data” to the transgender sex worker activists, and the latter have received the answers to their questions through Interactive discussions.

The topic of the next webinar has been “Community-based Services” which has been conducted by Shahnaz Islamova, the Director of the Tais Plus NGO. Through interactive discussions and multi-content slides, participants have learnt about Kyrgyzstan’s experience in providing community-based services, and at the end of the webinar participants asked questions arisen during the webinar, and the trainer has given satisfying answers to them.

Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO highly appreciates the cooperation with SWAN and is proud to be a member of the network for two years now by fighting for equal rights for sex workers in Armenia and on international platforms.

Jun 16, 2020 Armenia Yerevan

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