On October 30, 2020 a transgender woman, named Goga, living in Yerevan applied to the “Right Side” Human Rights Defender NGO regarding the fact that she had been beaten at the same night on the basis of her gender identity. The organization provided a legal consultation to the transgender woman on this occasion.

In the morning of October 30, Transgender Goga visited the Organization and reported that she had been attacked by a 40-year-old man on the same day, at around 3 am, when she was returning home. The man had beaten her.

“He approached me by car, asked if I would agree to have sex with him for free, in response I refused and demanded to leave, accelerating my steps. But the man was stubborn and attacked me. He hit me first on the head, after that I started to feel dizzy and couldn’t decide what to do at that moment. After hitting me on the head several times, he pushed me down, I fell, she approached and started hitting me both on the head and on the back”: Transgender Goga told the Organization.

It should be mentioned that as a result of the hitting, the transgender woman had pain in different parts of her body for several days. She had continuous headaches, dizziness and her nose was damaged. The transgender woman is in stress and has suffered severe psychological trauma and she doesn’t leave the house alone.

Transgender Goga is currently in a safe area and the “Right Side” Human Rights Defender NGO will provide assistance to transgender women within the framework of Social and Legal Assistance Programs.

“Right Side” Human Rights Defender NGO will pursue justice in this regard. For more details on this and other cases, follow the information on our official pages.

Nov 9, 2020 Armenia Yerevan

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