Because of the sexual orientation, they were tortured during their service

In 2022, H.A. appealed to the Right Side HRD NGO and reported that he had made a statement about the crime in the Garrison Prosecutor’s Office No. 1 of the RA Military Prosecutor’s Office in 2021, regarding which a criminal case had been initiated and 4 people were charged under Article 309.1 of the RA Criminal Code, Part 1,  2, Clause 4 (torture). H.A. by applying to the Right Side HRD NGO asked to take over the protection of their interests as a victim.

H.A. informed the Organization that in 2020, when he had been in the Armed Forces x military unit in the Republic of Artsakh, he had been regularly beaten by the officers because of their sexual orientation. After reporting the crime, a criminal case was initiated and theywere recognized as a victim.

Currently, the criminal case has been transferred from the Republic of Artsakh to the Department of Investigation of Crimes on Torture and Abusing or Exceeding Authorities by Officials through Using Violence of the General Department of Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the RA Investigative Committee.

In this case, since October 5, the lawyer of the Right Side HRD NGO has been involved as the authorized representative of victim H.A.

November 02, 2022 Armenia, Yerevan

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