TITLE: Legal Expert/Lawyer – Drafting Legislation on Legal Gender Recognition (LGR) Supporting Self-Identification

ORGANIZATION: Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO

PROJECT TITLE: Strengthening Trans Organizing Resiliency & Capacity to Advocate for Legal Gender Recognition in the Conflict Affected Larger South Caucasus Region

DUTY STATION: Yerevan, Armenia

DURATION: 60 days, November 1 – December 31, 2024

DEADLINE: October 1, 2024


The “Strengthening Trans Organizing Resiliency & Capacity to Advocate for Legal Gender Recognition in the Conflict Affected Larger South Caucasus Region” project implemented by Right Side HRD NGO with the support of UK International Development from the UK government aims to empower transgender and LGBQI communities in the region. As part of this endeavor, there is a crucial need to reform existing legal frameworks regarding gender recognition, moving towards a self-identification-based approach rather than one that mandates forced sterilization.


The objective of this assignment is to draft legislation on Legal Gender Recognition (LGR) that supports self-identification in Armenia, ultimately serving as a model for other contexts. The drafted law should:

  • Advocate for Self-Identification: Propose provisions that allow individuals to self-identify their gender without requiring medical interventions or forced sterilization.
  • Align with International Standards: Ensure that the proposed legislation is in line with international human rights standards, particularly those outlined by organizations such as the United Nations, Council of Europe.
  • Guarantee Non-Discrimination: Include clauses that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and expression, ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all individuals regardless of their gender identity.
  • Ensure Access to Services: Address the need for access to essential services, including healthcare.
  • Establish Legal Procedures: Outline clear and transparent procedures for legal gender recognition, including documentation changes, name changes, and other administrative processes.
  • Promote Awareness and Education: Integrate provisions for public awareness campaigns and educational programs aimed at challenging stigma, promoting understanding, and fostering acceptance of diverse gender identities.


  • Drafted Legislation: Proposed law on Legal Gender Recognition supporting self-identification in Armenia.
  • Explanatory Memorandum: A detailed document accompanying the drafted legislation, providing rationale, legal analysis, and references to international standards.
  • Comparative Analysis: Comparative analysis of the drafted legislation with existing laws in other jurisdictions and best practices in self-identification-based gender recognition.
  • Presentation: Presentation slides summarizing the key points of the drafted legislation and its significance in promoting human rights and inclusivity.
  • Consultation Report: Report documenting consultations with stakeholders, including government officials, civil society organizations, legal experts, and Trans community.



  • Legal Expertise: Hold a degree in law, with specialized knowledge and experience in human rights law, gender equality, and legislative drafting.
  • Advocacy: Demonstrated experience in advocating for Trans people rights, particularly regarding legal gender recognition and non-discrimination.
  • Legislative Drafting Skills: Proficiency in legislative drafting, with a track record of drafting laws or policy proposals in the field of human rights and gender equality.
  • Knowledge of International Standards: Familiarity with international human rights standards and mechanisms, including those related to gender identity and expression.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Ability to engage with diverse stakeholders, including government officials, civil society organizations, legal experts, and affected communities, to solicit feedback and ensure buy-in for proposed legislation.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to convey complex legal concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Language Proficiency: Fluency in English and Armenian is required.
  • Commitment to Human Rights: Demonstrated commitment to promoting human rights, equality, and non-discrimination, particularly for Trans community.

Candidates who meet the above qualifications and experience requirements are encouraged to apply for this assignment by sending their CV, narrative and financial offers to rightsidengo@gmail.com with the subject “Legal Expert/Lawyer – Drafting Legislation on LGR” by 18:00 pm Yerevan time, October 1, 2024.

May 12, 2024 Armenia, Yerevan

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