For the first time in its practice, the Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO with the financial support of the Urgent Action Fund | For Women’s Human Rights is implementing an environmental project which is aimed at raising the level of awareness of Armenian LBTIQ youth on environmental issues, the various impacts of climate change, gender roles, and the need for their active participation in promoting gender justice.

Climate change increases gender inequality, negatively affects the social and political rights of LBTIQ community members, and in many cases, community members are more vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change because they are not equally represented are not involved in the discussions on climate and gender justice and decision-making processes.

Through this program, we are going to foster the level of involvement of LBTIQ people in climate activism; the community members, with the support of NGO staff, will be involved in combating climate change by gaining knowledge about their rights and using them to promote gender justice.

During the project, it is planned to organize a training with 20 LBTIQ participants from Armenian regions, who will later carry out eco-campaigns in all the regions of Armenia by including at least 200 peers living in regional areas. Moreover, tree planting will be carried out in 4 regions of Armenia, eco bins will be installed to create a tradition of garbage sorting, 5 touristic areas will be cleaned of garbage. Along with all this, a social video on inclusion will be produced and a manual on environmental protection will be developed by LBTIQ people, which will promote community members’ climate activism in rural communities.

Dec 10, 2021 Armenia Yerevan


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