On 5th of April  2019, for the first time in the Armenian history, a transgender woman spoke from  the RA Parliament.
This was a precedent in the Armenian history and certainly, it could not remain without any feedback.
The public response was very different and massive. There were a lot of derogatory comments and statements addressed to Lilit Martirosyan, who is the President of the Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO, the first Trans person in the Armenian history to have enough courage to be engaged in human rights activism by raising trans issues.
After her speech in the Parliament thousands of insulting statements were addressed towards Lilit Martirosyan, she was threatened to be tortured and killed, her personal information including her home address were found out and published, she and the other members of the Right Side NGO were prosecuted and subjected to different criminal activities on the basis of hatred and discrimination.
One of such cases was the post on irates.am, where Lilit Martirosyan was called “perverted”, but this time she decided not to neglect this step and in May 2019 she filed a lawsuit seeking a public apology and claiming for compensation.
The court decided to distribute the burden of proof on the parties. Thus, the parties have time till November 1, 2019 to find sufficient evidence. The hearing is scheduled for November 5 of this year.
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Հոկ 15, 2019 Հայաստան, Երևան

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