The Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO summarized the tender stage of the sub-grant program implemented with the financial support of the Red Umbrella Fund, which was announced on the occasion of the International Day of Sex Workers and aimes to promote the social inclusion of sex workers in Armenia. The formed special tender committee evaluated the submitted projects according to the feasibility of the planned activities, needs assessment, cost-effectiveness, clarity of the project description, and compliance with the competition objectives and chose 4 winning projects that had been presented by the Dignity Movement NGO, DiverCity Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender NGO, Global Foundation for Trans Rights Protection and journalist Anna Yeganyan.

The Dignity Movement NGO will implement an online awareness campaign to challenge prejudices against sex workers and support their social inclusion, during which informative digital content on the issues and rights of sex workers will be created in the form of articles and publications on social networks.

DiverCity Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender NGOwill implement the “Youth Work for the Fundamental Rights of Sex Workers” program, the goal of which is to organize a three-day training for 5 to 10 sex workers, during which they will be informed about youth programs and methods of working with young people, and will later apply the knowledge gained in their communities.

The Global Foundation for Trans Rights Protection will implement the program “Raising Awareness of Trans Sex Workers to Have a Safe and Harmonious Life”, within the framework of which a seminar will be organized, which will bring together 15 trans sex workers from Yerevan and RA regions. During the seminar, a discussion will be held about the issues related to the safety and well-being of sex workers in Armenia. 

Journalist Anna Yeganyan, the last beneficiary of the sub-grant program, will conduct a series of interviews with sex workers and human rights defenders to give voice to sex workers and increase the visibility of their problems and needs.

The mentioned projects are planned to be implemented from August 15 to September 20 of this year. We will provide additional information about the development of the projects on our website. 

The Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO gives great importance to collaboration with and empowerment of organizations operating in the field and hopes that these projects will have a positive impact and contribution to the social inclusion of the sex worker community.

August 11, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan


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