One more transgender person had a legal name change

“Right Side” human rights defender NGO congratulates Nora Petrosyan on getting a legal name change.
 We are happy to announce that due to the legal support within the project run by “Right Side” human rights defender NGO and with the financial support of the European Endowment for Democracy Nora Petrosyan  is already able to act as a transgender person in compliance of her gender identity and expression with her new renamed passport.
 “Right Side” human rights defender NGO expresses its gratitude to the Civil Acts Registration Office under the RA Ministry of Justice for their conscientious work. “Right Side” human rights defender NGO has been working with the Civil Acts Registration Office since 2016 and as a result of cooperation with them the procedure of the legal name change is much more easy now for many transgender people. And now it is already possible to make a legal name change without obstacles which were obligatory before, so now legal name change is done without any psychological conclusion and testimonies of 3 witnesses to prove that the person who wants to make a legal name change is a transgender person.
“Right Side” human rights defender NGO as the first transgender organization in Armenia and the South Caucasus will continue to support transgender people to solve their problems

Dec 24, 2018 Armenia Yerevan


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