On September 13 and 18, 2009, Right Side Human Rights defender NGO President Lilit Martirosyan and Programs officer A. Gevorgyan participated in a meeting dedicated to the national human rights protection strategy organized by the RA Ministry of Justice.
The first day’s discussion was aimed at analyzing the situation in the field of equality, protecting the rights of vulnerable groups (children’s rights, women’s rights, the rights of persons with disabilities, etc.) and mapping the key issues.
The second day’s discussion focused on the analysis of the situation in the areas of social, educational, labor rights, healthcare, environmental protection etc.
During the first and second days, Lilit Martirosyan and A. Gevorgyan presented the problems of transgender people in various fields, in particular in the field of education, health care, social protection and others.
Right Side Human Rights defender NGO expresses its gratitude to the Ministry of Justice for organizing such meetings and making the voice of civil society representatives heard.

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