We are pleased to announce that Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO has launched its first regional program, Strengthening Trans Organizing Resiliency & Capacity to Advocate for Legal Gender Recognition in the Conflict Affected Larger South Caucasus Region, which unites Trans LGBIQ organizations, groups, and activists from Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. The regional program is funded by the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and aims to create a safe environment for Trans LGBIQ people and strengthen their capacities to overcome conflicts and crises, continue to protect Trans LGBIQ rights, and empower the Trans LGBIQ movement in their countries and in the region. The project includes implementation of two regional trainings in Tbilisi and in Istanbul, implementation of regional research on Legal Gender Recognition, provision of sub-grants to all participating organizations, and development of a draft law on Legal Gender Recognition.


The project was launched from May 9 to 11 this year in Tbilisi with the implementation of the Crisis Preparedness & Resilience Building training  which was attended by 23 individuals from Trans LGBIQ organizations of Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

In the current political context of the region, resilience to crises is paramount, so this training aimed to create and provide a platform for Trans LGBIQ people to mobilize, build solidarity, explore each country’s context, and promote collaboration in advocacy for Legal Gender Recognition. Twenty-three individuals from Trans LGBIQ organizations in Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey participated in the training.


During the Crisis Preparedness & Resilience Building training, the invited expert led interactive sessions and discussions, as well as organized practical tasks on the following topics:

  • Crisis preparedness, risk assessment, and mitigation.
  • Advocacy approaches and practical tools to advance Legal Gender Recognition processes in local and regional contexts.
  • The role of Legal Gender Recognition in ensuring that all people are equal under the law, regardless of gender identity. 
  • Different approaches and practices of Legal Gender Recognition, analysis of best practices.
  • Political crises, social and military conflicts, and connected challenges for the LGBTIQ community.
  • Analysis of the political contexts of the region and individual countries.
  • Holistic security and risk management.
  • Mapping the challenges facing the Trans LGBIQ community.
  • Safety measures during milita ry conflicts.
  • Planning, organizing, and implementing campaigns on trans-specific issues.


As a result of this training, representatives of the Trans LGBIQ community in the region received essential knowledge, skills, and strategies to effectively respond to crises within their communities to continue advocating for Trans LGBIQ rights and Legal Gender Recognition in their respective contexts. The participants emphasized the importance of the training, highlighting its uniqueness as a meeting on trans rights and issues, where trans people themselves speak out and seek solutions to their problems, and also noted that it provided the participants with an opportunity to exchange reliable information on the contexts of regional countries.

The Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO thanks all participants for their involvement, contribution, and collective work, thanks to which our joint efforts aimed at protecting the rights of Trans LGBIQ people were enriched. We look forward to our next meeting in August, Regional Trans Advocacy Training and Convening,  which will take place in Istanbul to continue our work to achieve Legal Gender Recognition based on self-determination in regional countries.

May 31, 2024 Armenia, Yerevan

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