From October 25 to 28 of this year, Lilit Martirosyan, the founding president of Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO and the program coordinator participated in the ILGA Europe annual conference in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

More than 450 activists, human rights defenders, and representatives of organizations of the sector from 54 countries in Europe and Central Asia participated in ILGA Europe’s annual conference. The theme of this year’s conference was “Rising to the moment”. In the current global crises, organizations are required to constantly change their strategies to respond to emergencies effectively. Still, it is also important to discuss how organizations can focus on long-term goals in such conditions. To address these issues and challenges, the conference program was divided into two main themes: Resilience of the Movement” and Solidarity and Cohesion within the Movement.


Representatives of Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO participated in panel discussions, meetings, and social events, and on October 26, the participants of the forum together celebrated Intersex Awareness Day. In addition, Lilit Martirosyan took part in a meeting where the new communication project of the Right Side NGO – Building Trans Media Influence through Capacity Building and Content Creation, was discussed. In the framework of the project, which is financed by ILGA Europe, it is planned to publish a series of important stories about trans people living in Armenia and Central Asia contributing to increasing the visibility of trans people’s problems and eliminating prejudices.

Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO will continue effective collaboration with ILGA Europe to build a future based on equality, inclusion, and accountability for vulnerable groups, in particular Trans LGBIQ and sex workers.

November 7, 2023  Armenia, Yerevan

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