The Right Side NGO is conducting research

The Right Side Human Rights Defender organization is launching a research project “The situation of LGBTQI+ victims of domestic violence in Armenia” to analyze the prevalence of domestic violence among Trans and LGBQI people in Armenia. Funded by ILGA Europe, the project aims to identify the forms and expression of domestic violence, the types, frequency, and regularity, as well as to identify the motives and motivations of the abuser’s use of violence, and physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of violence. The research will also collect statistical data from organizations operating in the field and competent authorities, such as Police, Prosecutor’s Office, Investigative Committee, and Special Investigative Service, and analyze existing legislation to highlight existing legislative and institutional gaps, to study and come up with recommendations to the bodies related to the sector.

While Armenia has taken steps to address domestic violence, with a law “On prevention of family violence, protection of persons subjected to family violence and restoration of family solidarity” passed in 2017 criminalizing domestic violence, Trans and LGBQI people often don’t report the cases of domestic violence against them because of discrimination. Besides that, as the inquiries to state bodies show, the lack of legal protection against hate crimes and lack of reporting has resulted in limited data on the prevalence of domestic violence towards Trans and LGBQI people.

Within the framework of the research, 300 cases will be studied through a standardized survey and an online questionnaire. Cases of physical, psychological, sexual, and economic violence and neglect toward the interviewed persons will be considered. The participants will be given an opportunity to participate in the interview by phone or online. 

Who can take the survey?

Trans and LGBQI people who are 16 and older, can participate in the survey. The Right Side NGO will ensure the anonymity and security of survey participants’ data and provide legal and psychological support to individuals subjected to domestic violence within the limits of available resources. 

Click here to take the survey (the survey is in Armenian).

the research is essential to bringing to light the prevalence of domestic violence towards Trans and LGBQI people in Armenia, identifying the challenges and barriers to addressing this issue, providing recommendations to the state bodies, and cooperating with them.

May 04, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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