Corruption is a major challenge that many societies face, and Armenia is no exception. With the support of the Global Women Fund, in the community center of the Right Side human rights defender NGO, a series of meetings took place that brought together the organization’s employees and board members. The training program focused on various aspects of corruption, including how to identify and report corruption, the negative impact of corruption on society, and the importance of transparency and accountability. Participants were also introduced to various tools and techniques for preventing and combating corruption.

The exclusion of any type of corruption has always been central to the approaches of the Right Side NGO, and during these meetings, through the discussion and revisions of previous policies, the training participants developed a new anti-corruption policy. The policy is a comprehensive document with an action plan that outlines specific steps the organization will take to prevent and combat corruption. In the training, there was also a discussion about the corruption that trans individuals encounter, and specific strategies were developed to avoid it and support trans individuals in addressing these issues.

In addition to the anti-corruption training program, the participants also went through the different policies and the strategic plan of the organization. The Right Side NGO emphasizes building a society based on trust, honesty, integrity, and responsibility, excluding corruption, and this series of meetings was another step in adapting to new challenges and ensuring that the organization’s activities remain relevant and effective.

April 13, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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