On 20th October of this year, a meeting-discussion took place in the “Right Side” NGO’s safe and secure space for the Trans LGBIQ people who had arrived from Yerevan and several regions of the country. The theme of the event was mental health and it was hosted by the president of the NGO – Lilit Martirosyan.

Various psychological tests and games were conducted by L. Martirosyan. The participants shared their personal stories, talking about the psychological problems they were facing because of their gender identity. Afterwards, some of the participants presented cases of domestic violence, stigma and discrimination by society.

A mutual help group was set up among the Trans LGBIQ community members present to assist those in need.

At the end of the meeting, a small survey was conducted among the community representatives on the availability of psychological services, during which participants reported that services were not available and they needed psychological support.

On 26th October of this year, a meeting-discussion on the safety of LGBT people was held in the “Right Side” HRD NGO’s safe and secure space, which was hosted by a transgender woman, model, make-up artist Monica Sarkisian, who had participanted in the NGO projects before.

Monica spoke about the security of the Trans LGBIQ community, presented several personal cases during which she had been abused, and based on those cases, presented some details for ensuring security which she had acquired through active participation in the NGO projects.

The participants thanked Monica Sarkisian for organizing such an educational meeting, since security was vitally important for the Trans LGBIQ community in that situation.

On 29th October of this year, a meeting on the “Skills for Running Campaign” was held in the “Right Side” NGO’s safe and secure The meeting also included an Armenian cuisine event hosted by Kuka Kasyan. Fifteen representatives of the Trans LGBIQ community arriving from the capital city as well as from different regions of the country were present at the event.

During the meeting, the participants had a discussion, during which they gained important knowledge on how to run campaigns.

Afterwards, the guest of the meeting, transgender activist Kuka Kasyan, having intimate conversations with the participants, prepared a number of traditional Armenian dishes. During the tasting of the dishes, the participants talked about the needs of the community, successes achieved, challenges and future steps.

The meetings were possible with the financial support of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.

Nov 11, 2021 Armenia Yerevan

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