The “Right Side” NGO started 2021 with strategic, advocacy and communication planning for the next five years in the beginning of January. The achievements of the organisation in the field of gender equality and human rights protection in recent years are unquestionable and can be found in detail in the annual reports of the organisation, which are available on the website.

But taking into consideration the end of the previous three-year strategic plan of the organisation, the rapid development of the organisation, it was necessary to review the previous plan and undertake the development of a new strategic, advocacy and communication planning for 2021-2025. The development of new plans was carried out through several stages. The organisation hired an external consultant for the facilitation of the development of the plan. The consultant conducted community consultations, individual consultations with staff and board, analysed the reports and resource management. The multi-stakeholder working meeting took place in 2021 in January to review the following for the next five years: 

  • organisation’s mission, vision and values, 

  • the strategic programs of the organisation and the objectives,

  • activities and operational plan, 

  • human resources and the structure of the organisation,

  • advocacy and communication plans

The results of the planning have already been summarised and approved by the Assembly of the organization. Based on the plans, the organisation will work in following three strategic directions over the next five years to protect the rights of trans people and sex workers:

  1. Protecting community health and safety.

  2. Human rights protection and legal reforms.

  3. Changing public opinion and breaking norms.

The “Right Side” HRD NGO expresses its deep gratitude to those involved in the planning for their contribution and commitment, assuring that it will continue to stand by transgender people and sex workers for the next five years, advocating for equality and justice, and providing services tailored to community needs.

Feb 16, 2021, Armenia Yerevan

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