Urgent support for Trans victims of violence

With the financial support of the Urgent Action Fund, the Right Side human rights defender NGO initiates an urgent response support program to assist Trans victims of violence. The program is specially designed for those who have been subjected to physical, sexual, and other types of violence since the 1st of April of this year and notified the police about cases of violence against them, and currently, the case has been processed.

Within the framework of this program, applicants are required to submit a written application to the Right Side NGO, which must include the name of the applicant, the date(s) of the incident(s) of violence, the type of violence, the location, details of whether the violence was motivated by their gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. They should also include information about the progress of the case after notifying the police about the incident. Applicants must be able to justify why the request is urgent, and the potential consequences if they do not receive funding. 

The Right Side NGO will form a special committee responsible for the thorough examination and needs assessment of each application. After the examination of the applications by the members of the committee, the persons applying for support will receive an answer within ten days. By providing the help, the Right Side NGO hopes to alleviate the challenges abused Trans individuals face during this difficult phase.

Contact us: 

Right Side Human Rights Defender NGO

Tel. (+374) 11 880770

E-mail: rightsidengo@gmail.com 

Working hours: 12:00-19:00

May 02, 2023 Armenia, Yerevan

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