Awareness Raising

Strategic Goal

Breaking norms and stereotypes about trans people in order to bring social and cultural changes to build a trans inclusive society.

Strategic Objectives

  • Deliver objective information about sexuality and gender to the trans community and mainstream society.
  • Organize social and cultural campaigns to raise the issues of the trans community and sex workers in Armenia.
  • Cooperate with media to ensure that the issues of sex workers and trans people are properly covered and raised.


  • Maintaining the organization’s website and social media pages.
  • Organizing video campaigns related to trans and sex workers rights and gender diversity.
  • Organizing cultural events related to trans issues and gender diversity.
  • Providing individual and group consultancies about sexuality and gender.
  • Elaborating, publishing and disseminating educational materials on sexuality, gender and sex work.
  • Organizing informational and educational events on sexuality and gender for the trans community, civil society, government institutions, mass media, university students, independent experts, specialists, etc.
  • Developing and disseminating monthly E-magazines.
  • Participating in national, regional and international festivals, campaigns, pride events and other events.
  • Studying and researching public acceptance and attitude towards trans people and sex workers in Armenia.

Expected Results

  • Decreased discrimination and violence against the trans community and sex workers in Armenia.

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